Webinar – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I have technical problems, such as connecting or if I have no sound?

A: If you experience connection problems or other technical issues, you can contact our technical support at teknisksupport@pedagogisktperspektiv.se. If you have no sound, please make sure you have given Zoom access to your device’s speakers by clicking the Computer Audio button, and check your device’s volume and sound settings. If you still experience problems you can try leaving the Webinar and reconnect.

Q: I have not received an email with confirmation of registration or a link to the webinar?

A: After completing the registration, you will receive a couple of different emails from us:
1. A general email immediately after registration to confirm your registration. If you have not received the confirmation email within 4 hours of completing the registration, please check your spam folder, if not found there contact us at info@pedagogisktperspektiv.se.
2. Approximately 3 days before the webinar, you will receive an email with the Zoom link. If you have not received this email 2 days before the webinar, please contact us at info@pedagogisktperspektiv.se and we will resend it.

Q: What are the technical technical requirements for a participating in a webinar?

A: You can join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. To join a webinar click on the zoom link in the email you have received from Zoom.

Q: Do I need to download the Zoom app to participate?

A: You can either use the Zoom app, or join the webinar via your browser. If you are using a mobile device, the Zoom app is required.

Q: Where can I download the Zoom app?

A: Windows and Mac users can download the Zoom Client for Meetings here. Android and iOS users can download the Moibile App from their App Stores.

Q: At what time should I connect?

A: We start letting people in to the Webinar som minutes before the actual start time of the presentation.

Q: Do I need to mute myself during the Webinar?

A: No, all participants are automatically muted.

Q: How do I ask the speaker a question?

A: Type your question in the Q&A-function, you can type in questions during the presentation. Should you not want your name displayed with the question, there is an option to ask the question anonymously, The speaker will look at the questions during the break and answer verbally during the designated time for questions (usually at the end of the webinar). Please note that time often not allows for all questions to be answered. 

Contact / Support
Questions of a technical nature contact: teknisksupport@pedagogisktperspektiv.se
Non-technical questions contact: info@pedagogisktperspektiv.se